Salesforce CRM Consulting Company

Our Salesforce CRM consultants are highly knowledgeable who help you in analysis of your business needs and identify the potential areas of advancement to improve performance and productivity. we believe in delivering the best of what we are good at. Our Salesforce CRM consulting experts have excelled in offering the following services to clients across a wide array of industries.

Our Services

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Our expert consultant and developers have in-depth knowledge and experience in CRM, Cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. We help in delivering optimum outcomes for small as well as large businesses. Our developers and consultants will setup, configure and customize your Salesforce Sales Cloud to deliver improved sales results and increase revenue numbers. This involves the creation of highly effective email templates, workflow and approval, custom reports and dashboards, customized for your industry and business needs.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud can offer quite a set of capabilities for your customer service. But this set is not ready-to-use. It is more like a ready kit for your future customer service abilities. And it needs to be carefully arranged, adjusted, configured and sometimes even substantially reworked to make sure your business gains the most out of it. This is why Novarties is ready to help regardless of your stage in the Salesforce-related decision-making process. Here are our main Service Cloud services.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Connecting with the people who matter most to your success is a top priority. Community Cloud connects you to the people you most want to cultivate and empower, from consumers to vendors to stakeholders. Engaging customers, employees, donors, volunteers and stakeholders is fundamental to the growth of any operation – whether you are running a company or local non-profit. Novarties`s Salesforce community cloud consultants which provide you and your businesses the roadmap needed to manage these connections in a personal, yet efficient way.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud services are one kind of adequate solutions for e-commerce businesses to help them develop great features and optimize the customer experience. Moreover, it creates a technical roadmap to help your business stay ahead in the race amongst the competitors and improve the eCommerce features effectively. We, at Novarties Solutions, are helping the new start-ups and existing businesses to help them with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services to help them excel in their business functionality and maintain the pace of the operations.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud solutions enable companies to manage and address needs, wants and demands of their clients seamlessly in a way that is most appropriate and comfortable for the client. The system can be used equally efficiently to both B2B and B2C clients with a bespoke method tailored for each client separately to suit their choice. Salesforce marketing cloud services use multiple digital channels of communication and social media interactivity across platforms and technologies to help the brand develop personalised relationships with each and every client.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning gives you a chance to delegate work to Field Service technicians and monitor them constantly. Salesforce FSL is the top management software getting you 360° customer analytics. Trace schemes and information, all based on the collected data! You can also share info instantly with your team on-field. Solutions is an expert Salesforce Field Service Lightning service provider, field service lightning solutions will not just help you boost productivity at the workplace and operate on the go, but also ease management with a plethora of settings.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ) has become an essential sales tool for modern organizations. It helps in the creation of the unique design of the quotes. Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to eliminate all the potential errors and enhance the accuracy of the sales quotes. It empowers the sales of the organizations and accelerates their growth. Salesforce CPQ is the ultimate powerful tool to streamline the sales process of the organization.

Salesforce Appexchange

Get your apps and your business noticed on Appexchange with the correct guidance from  experts. Appexchange can help you give and take the services that are favourable for your business. our experts are always on hand to give you insights and suggestions to improve your implementations by utilizing the right applications or components. We offer assistance with AppExchange developer as well.

Salesforce Integration

Are you struggling to integrate multiple applications due to a lack of in-house expertise?

The hallmark of a seamless integration is the ability to avoid duplication of tasks via powerful work frames and procedures.

Our Salesforce integration experts can help you attach a wide variety of platforms to your sales API.